Whistle More

By · May 17, 2011 · Filed in Find Joy Life Coaching

I want to whistle more.

Have you ever tried whistling when you feel grumpy? I can’t do it.

Do you feel grumpy while you’re whistling? See my point?

When I whistle, my mood lightens and I feel better. The same thing happens when I say something genuinely complimentary to a person I’m angry with. Or, when I offer a prayer of gratitude for a challenge I’m facing.

Doing the OPPOSITE causes a shift within me, and OPENS me up to think outside my own little box. My feelings often follow my actions.

Think out of your rut into a new positive place – Whistle While You Work!


Did you know that even when you’re sad making a smile lightens your mood?

Our brains are trained to make certain facial gestures to represent our emotions, and it also works backwards. That’s why when you make a smile your brain thinks “hey, I must be happy!” it’s amazing what control we actually do have over our mood and our emotions.

**whistling** :-D

Zak K

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