Feel Better Right Now

By · December 30, 2010 · Filed in Find Joy Life Coaching


Did that get your attention? Did you expect something different?

Pondering what to write about this morning I started with “gratitude” because I feel better when I remember the cool blessings in my life. Then I considered “help someone” since getting out of myself always makes me feel better. But I settled on “SURPRISE!” because it’s the quickest shot-in-the-arm I know of to boost my mood. And it’s FUN!

What do you never expect to see yourself doing, wearing, or eating? Go to an animated movie all alone, right now. Wear a hat to the grocery store, right now. Eat tapioca pudding. (OK, I’m not so sure about the tapioca.) Feel alive. Recognize that you can make an “out-of-the-box” decision for yourself – RIGHT NOW! Crack yourself up a little bit – SURPRISE!

Sometimes we bemoan the fact that “Nobody ever surprises me with anything nice.” Get out of that victim mode and be joyful! Do something unusual and spontaneous right now! You will Feel Better Before 2011. In fact, with a great surprise, you may find yourself chuckling in the next few minutes!

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