Life coaching to find joy in the chaos of life
Diane Overgard, Life Coach

Coaching adds more joy to life!

You can FIND JOY in the chaos of your life. In this serious business of joy you will be inspired to understand yourself, find direction, and develop habits that bring clarity, energy, and satisfaction to both business and personal life.

I am a divorced, remarried mother of three “almost grown” children. My divorce, while the most painful experience of my life, has brought me new skills, confidence, and an overwhelming desire to coach women and men, both single and married, to live an abundant life.

My clients learn how to live with gratitude, focus, and peace that cannot be shaken by troubling circumstances that life sometimes brings. Divorce and parenting challenges are my main passion for coaching. I’ve studied them, written about them, and lived them! Relationships are key to fulfillment in life and when relationships are missing or broken, we struggle to find joy.

The coaching help available through Find Joy, especially one-on-one life coaching, has changed my clients’ lives. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, low, or exhausted we can Find Joy together!

When your organization is in the market for inspiration and focus to develop a more unified team, or to energize employees and members, call me for a staff meeting or committee retreat. As an active member of Naperville Chamber Speaker’s Bureau I offer a one-time 30% discount to local businesses.



Life Coach – As a Life Coach, trained through the accredited Institute for Life Coach Training, I am able to fulfill my life purpose statement, “I creatively inspire people to understand themselves and find direction for their lives.

Certified Family Life Educator – I’ve spent 25 years learning and teaching about child development, parent-teen relationships, parenting styles, and family dynamics.

Parenting Author – Along with my co-author, Janice Rubin, I’ve written two parenting books for use in small groups. Let’s Talk Parenting: 10 Bible Characters Every Family Should Meet and Let’s Talk Teens: 10 Questions to Connect Parents, Teens, and God have been used by churches of nearly every Christian denomination. Janice and I are also the founders of Family Impact, Inc., a business created to bring families closer together and closer to God.

Adult Education Specialist – I have a passion for understanding what motivates adults to build relationships and change behaviors. The amount we learn is directly proportionate to the amount of fun we’re having, and so my presentations are challenging, personal, and motivational – but never boring!

Just the Facts…

  • Life Coach – Institute for Life Coach Training
  • Certified Family Life Educator – National Council of Family Relations
  • Licensed Parent Educator – University of Minnesota
  • Early Childhood Educator – University of Wisconsin