Bare Necessities of Joy

By · February 3, 2011 · Filed in Find Joy Life Coaching

Are you joyful? Please take 30 seconds and glance at this video. I’m warning you – it will make you smile!

I’ve been thinking about my BARE NECESSITIES for living a joy filled life.

You know that Chicago has been hit with a big snowstorm. I’m stranded – with only enough food to last about a month, and the temperature in my house hovering right around 73 degrees. My only contact with the outside world is television, telephone, email and lots of Facebook. Are these my bare necessities for joy?

Seriously, today’s snow and this little song helped me think about how to be really joyful – even when an annoyance or FULL BLOWN TROUBLE – comes my way. Do you have anything in your life today that could be categorized as a problem – even bigger trouble than a snowstorm? Test that problem with this coaching exercise:

  1. What are you thinking about your life this week? Write it down.
  2. What do you understand about your problem? Write it down.
  3. Now evaluate each statement you wrote. Are they all REALLY TRUE? Cross off any that are not REALLY true.
  4. Which statements are ESPECIALLY, ABSOLUTELY, UNARGUABLY TRUE? Give those statements a circle, or better yet, a big star!

When I took time to write about a problem I’m living with right now, I saw that I am thinking and saying some stuff that’s really not true. It’s easy to over-generalize, and to imagine the worst. I’m going to stop thinking and saying those things!

In addition, this exercise made me very clear about FACTS related to my problem. 1)My problem is not bigger than the good parts of my life. 2)Some decisions become easy when I remember my values. 3)Solutions can generally be found, especially with the help of a new perspective. Confidence in those facts helps me redefine my BARE NECESSITIES.

I feel good knowing that my bare necessities are in place. That awareness – and singing along with Baloo – increases my joy!

Clearer now,

Coach Diane

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